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What is a Good eDPI Range?

In gaming, the most important thing is mouse movement and pinpoint accuracy. If you want to be good at any shooting game then you are required to have the best aim. A good aim means that you need all the skills, require talents, and hard work along with the right settings. In this article, we will discuss the good eDPI range for your aim and headshots. Read the article, till the end to know everything.

What is DPI?

The DPI stands for dots per inch, also known as counts per inch (CPI). This means how many dots/ counts/ pixels your cursor travels over the screen if you move the mouse 1 inch (2.54 cm) on the table. The gaming mouse has a DPI range between 400 to 1600. Most professional players use DPI between 400 to 800 and make some changes in the sensitivity in-game to avoid the issues and enhance their gaming performance.

Most used DPI settings by professionals:-

  •     53% of users use 400 DPI.
  •     37% of users use 800 DPI.
  •     The other 10% are under every other DPI.

About Sensitivity

Sensitivity refers to ‘sens’ and it is a value of how fast you can aim and interact with the UI. The lower sensitivity provides good aim and movement to players. Different games can have different sensitivity and the same settings may mean two additional things in different games. However, Changing the DPI is more dedicated to improving your mouse sensitivity settings.

What is eDPI? And How to Calculate it?

eDPI means that effective dots per inch, which defines the real mouse sensitivity depended on the DPI and Sensitivity. If you want to calculate the eDPI then here is the formula:-

eDPI= DPI * sensitivity

With this value, players can compare the real mouse sensitivity.

The calculator of Valorant eDPI- The FPS with low time to kill, precision is more essential. the lower eDPI will give you a perfect aim. Additionally, the average Valorant pro eDPI is 280. So, whenever you want to try, just keep this value in mind and use it.

Difference Between DPI and eDPI:-

As you know, DPI stands for dots per inch, and this is the measurement of the sensitivity of a computer mouse. If you have a high DPI mouse then you can change it with a low DPI sensitivity mouse.

eDPI stands for effective dots per inch, and it is the value that is used to compare the sensitivity of players. You can easily use the formula to calculate eDPI.

How to Use the eDPI Calculator?

Below are some steps that you need to follow to use the edpi calculator Valorant, so let’s assume you want to set your friend’s eDPI value:-

  •     Check your friend setting ex- DPI is 1000 and sensitivity is 0.8.
  •     Then, set the sensitivity type for your game. As for CS: GO, it is decimal sensitivity.
  •     According to the formula calculate your friend eDPI: 1000*0.8= 800
  •     Now, verify the settings and eDPI calculate the required sensitivity by applying the formula: eDPI/DPI= 800/ 500 = 1.6.

Valorant eDPI and Sensitivity

eDPI means that effective dots per inch, which defines the real mouse sensitivity depended on the DPI and Sensitivity.

Below is a list of all the professional valorant player’s DPI, sensitivity, and eDPI:-

  •     100T Hiko- The DPI is 1600 and the valorant sensitivity is 0.360 and the eDPI is 576.
  •     Liquid ScreaM- DPI is 400, Valorant sensitivity is 0.965, and the eDPI is 386.
  •     Sentinels ShahZam- DPI is 400, the Valorant sensitivity is 0.530 and the eDPI is 212.
  •     G2 Mixwell- The DPI is 400, Valorant Sensitivity is 0.690 and the eDPI is 276.
  •     C9 Vanity- DPI is 800, Valorant Sensitivity is 0.283, and eDPI is 226.
  •     Vikings Saadhak- DPI is 800, Valorant Sensitivity is 0.400, and eDPI is 320.

Pro eDPI Range:

A large number of players discuss the low sensitivity and high level of sensitivity. In the CS:GO game, the eDPI is always on low and the high sensitivity players also use the middle on Valorant’s scale.

Moreover, there are around 215 current Valorant professional players, the 14 are above eDPI 400 like the high sensitivity. There are only three current valiant professionals that use low sensitivity around 150 eDPI or below. The low sensitivity eDPI range is between 200 to 150.

Below we mentioned the Shroud Valorant Settings that he uses while playing:-

  •     DPI is on 450
  •     Sensitivity is 0.78
  •     eDPI are on 351
  •     Hz is 1000
  •     Scoped sensitivity M will be 1
  •     Windows sensitivity will be on 6

Wrapping Up!

In this article, we have discussed everything that you required about the what is good eDPI range and many more things. You have to make sure that you are not copying from the other professional players because their gaming setup will be different from yours. So, check the above-mentioned details and set your gaming setting eDPI. We hope that will be productive for you and make your gameplay the best. If you want to know more about eDPI, then visit our other posts as well.

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