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How to Play Pokies – Some Simple Tips to Enhance your Gameplay

About Pokies

If you are a casino lover, you might be aware of this thrilling game called pokies. It is a simple casino game that has a high winning potential. This game is played on the slot machines that are installed in the casinos. However, if you are playing in an online casino, then it is played on a virtual slot machine. This casino game’s simple rules and functions make it one of the most popular games that people love to play.

How to Play Pokies

The basic game is to pull down the lever attached to the slot machine, and that is all! When you pull down the lever, the machine mechanics will rotate the in-built three rolls at random. If the machine stops and you got three similar icons on the roll, then you win this game. Despite the straightforward structure of the game, there are some essential tips about pokies that you can keep in mind in order to increase your chances of winning. Let us discuss some pointers to keep in mind while playing pokies that can work both in a regular casino and in an online casino as well.

Increase the Bet!

Since the probability of winning a simple game like pokies is very high, you should invest some good money in it. A lot of casino players make the mistake of putting a small amount on a game like pokies. This is a rookie mistake as pokey is a very simple game that can help you win a lot of good money. Moreover, in almost all the casinos, the stakes in pokies are raised even further as they add a jackpot in it as well!

Multiple Trials

 Since pokies is a game that is all about luck and attempts, it is extremely important that you give out your 100% to it. Here, by 100% attempt, we mean that you need to increase the attempts as much as possible. The simple trick here is that the more pokies you will play, the higher your winning chances. Many people who managed to win massive amounts in pokies revealed that their little secret was to keep playing and trying it again and again until they won the jackpot!

Play at a trusted Place

Another vital thing or tip to keep in mind when you opt to play pokies is that you should always play it at a trusted and reliable casino. Be it an online casino or an offline one. You have to ensure that it is a safe and trusted place. Sometimes, the cheap casinos can have some flawed machines with them as well. These defective slot machines can decrease the chances of your win.  So if you check on the casino before putting up your money, it can save up a lot of time of yours and may even save you from a potential fraud.

Check out the Options

In many slot machine games like pokies, you can play with single coins or buy your rounds in bulk. Here, we will suggest you take up the once time ticket or coins only. These single time coins or token may slightly increase your chance of winning pokies or even a jackpot. When you buy multiple rounds or tickets for the slots, the machine might not get to reset, which may slightly affect the winning chances.

Machine Swings

Who doesn’t love to play a simple game like pokies and get high rewards instead of blackjack and other casino games? Other casino games require a lot of concentration and practice to master. Games like poker need a lot of luck and attention as well. However, as far as pokies are concerned, it is a highly straightforward game that requires you to pull down a slot machine lever and wait for it to stop. However, here not everything will work out in your favour. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind. One of those things is the quality of the machine that you are sitting on.  This is only applicable to the offline pokies game. You need to check the smooth functionality of the slot machine before you start the game.

Offline and Online

As you might have realised, you noticed, there is a slight difference in the offline and online games of pokies. In most cases, online pokies is a much simpler and safer option. Moreover, ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, it is always better that you stay in and play your favourite casino slot game from the comfort of your house and maintaining a safe social distance.


With these incredible and smart tips in mind, you can enhance your game and your chances of winning the next time you play pokies!

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