To Porsche owners out there, let us ask you a question: how well do you know your particular model beyond what is written in the owner’s manual?

Porsche Every Day is a comprehensive online resource that covers practically anything about owning, financing, insuring, maintaining, fixing, and caring for any Porsche model. Whether you own an SUV, a sports car, or a sedan—as long as it bears that iconic Porsche logo, you will find everything you need to keep your ride looking and running good.

This informational website is created by Missouri-based Michael Jones, a long-time and proud Porsche enthusiast who has owned a Cayenne, a Cayman, and a Boxster. Michael formerly worked in an e-commerce company selling automotive parts across the United States. His love for cars started when he was a college student when his dad would teach him how to drive a Cadillac.

There is so much to learn about this German automobile brand, which is why a site like this exists. Porsche Every Day also caters to non-Porsche owners—or rather, prospective owners—who are dreaming of having their own someday.

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