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Reeling Them In: Live Bait Fishing Essentials You Need To Know

If you want to be a skilled fisherman, then you need to learn about looking for bait for your subsequent fishing expeditions. 

As you probably know, fishing entails the simple process of using different types of bait to lure the fish you want to get. That means you should use bait or lures, which are likely to attract the most types of fish. 

Fishing bait can be categorized into two types: live bait and artificial bait. Artificial bait is considered the cheaper alternative for many people who enjoy fishing since all you need to do is to get them from a shop, and you will be good to go. 

But if you want a better and richer fishing experience, you should consider using live bait. 

Our conversation today will cover everything you need to know about live bait, right from what they are to how you can fish them yourself. Stay tuned for the ultimate guide to live bait fishing!

Understanding Live Bait Fishing

Before we can start a conversation on how to catch live bait, it is crucial for us to first discuss what live bait really is. Live bait is simply real-life prey you can use to attract fish when you are out fishing. 

The thought behind live bait is that fish are easily attracted to things they like to eat. That means you can use these live animals to lure the fish so that you can capture them for your own needs. This type of fishing is actually a time-proven strategy for hunting all types of animals.

However, for you to use live bait, you have to first catch the live animals that the fish consider prey. That is what we refer to as live bait fishing. 

What Types Of Live Bait Should You Fish For

Live bait for fishing comes in different types. The most common type of live bait used in fishing is worms. But worms are not effective for all kinds of fish. That means you should consider other types of live bait to be a time-proven fisherman. 

Crustaceans and crawfish are some of the best live bait for targeting freshwater species of fish like catfish and smallmouth bass. On the other hand, you will get better results when targeting saltwater fish like walleye, pike, and the largemouth bass using minnows. Shrimp is also an excellent option for saltwater fishing, especially for the fish that are common in the bottom regions of any water body.


Tips For Fishing For Live Bait

Now that you know everything about live bait fishing and what types of bait you should fish for, the next step in our discussion involves looking at the actual fishing process.


1. Choosing The Fishing Ground

The first thing you should be sure about when fishing for these much-needed live bait is the fishing ground. 

Some fishing grounds are prime for fishing for live bait, while others will just take up a lot of your time and not yield you any results. The best trick for you to choose the right fishing ground is taking the time to explore the most common breeding grounds for these types of live bait. A simple Google search might help you in that regard.


However, you can also consider joining forces with other interested people to get suitable fishing grounds for live bait. The team at True Blue Fishing Charters is always open-hearted and willing to help you plan a simple expedition well in advance after having conducted their own research. That will give you a head start when looking for live bait.


2. Using Hooks When Looking For Live Bait

The easiest way to catch live bait is by using hooks. Hooks can help you trap live bait like crustaceans and crawfish that are likely to have erratic swimming patterns. At long last, you will get the best kinds of bait for your next fishing expedition.

3. Sabiki Rig Fishing

Hooks are ideal for people who are only looking for a few live baits to use in individual fishing trips. You also need to be sharp-eyed for you to spot the bait when working with these hooks. 

If you are looking for a bucket load of prey, then hooks won’t work for you. That is where Sabiki Rigs come to save the day.

While the name Sabiki rig might appear confusing for many people, it is probably simpler than using actual hooks to fish for bait fish. A Sabiki rig is a kind of net structure with hooks inside it to capture the fish in bulk when working in densely populated waters. The rig also has reflective material, which attracts more fish as it continues to shake around.

Once the rig fills up, all you need to do is slowly retrieve it from the water and place it in your boat for storage. 

Bottom Line

Fishing for live bait is an exciting process. It helps you prepare for an exciting fishing expedition in the future while flexing your fishing skills. Hopefully, our discussion has given you all the tips you need to get the best live bait for your next fishing expedition. 

You should also be careful to store the live bait well to avoid unnecessary frustrations in the future. A good idea would be to use a seawater bath or a specialized live bait tank to keep the bait active until you need to use it. 

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