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Porsche Tech Devices You Need for Easy and Safe Navigation

Autonomous control systems that allow for driver-less navigation are popular now on luxury vehicles from Porsche cars to boats. Many luxury cruising boats, like Grand Banks yachts for example, even have night vision which allows for overnight cruising. Bluetooth technology has also enabled control of your vehicle like never before.

Take full advantage of GPS-enabled devices and Bluetooth accessories for a safer, more convenient driving experience and easy navigation with your Porsche.

GPS-enabled mobile phones

Turning cell phones into handheld navigation devices has become a trend in the automotive industry today. And the good thing is that cell phone manufacturers have created phones integrated with GPS technology.

If both your classic Porsche and phone have no GPS receivers, then you can do some ways to make your cell phone your personal navigation device. You can either add software to your phone or subscribe to as GPS navigation service. For both methods, you will need an additional GPS receiver module that is placed on your car’s dashboard. GPS receivers are either wireless or connected by wire to the cell phone.

To obtain driving directions, you will need to buy a software package for particular mobile phone models. The package comes with a memory card in which all maps and programs are stored. With a software package, you don’t have to pay for a monthly data service because everything you need is installed locally in the package.

The second method of getting driving instructions with a GPS cell phone is subscribing to a GPS service. The GPS service can send driving instructions to your phone. Some GPS service providers also offer location-based services that allow you to choose locations such as hotels, restaurants, or theaters. Once you have chosen a hotel, for example, the service identifies your location and sends search results to your cell phone. Unlike the software method, subscription to a GPS service requires monthly payment for data plan.

Bluetooth-enabled devices

Wireless connectivity provided by Bluetooth technology enables a driver to put the GPS device in an area that has a clear view of the satellites such as a vehicle’s windshield. Thus, a strong signal reception for your device is guaranteed. At the same time, the PDA or other handheld device is mounted on a certain spot for maximized screen view and convenient access to the menu screens. These capabilities only show how well Bluetooth technology works in the present times.

Some GPS receivers come with advanced features such as a points-of-interest (POI) database, route recalculation, and software that includes maps of the United States. Other receivers are loaded with features that ensure stronger signal reception.

In addition, Bluetooth allows connecting your GPS receiver with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone so that you can make hands-free calls using the speaker of your GPS device.

Another advantage of Bluetooth GPS devices is energy efficiency. Because these devices are wireless, they get power from their own batteries.

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