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Most Expensive Porsche Cars List

The value of Porsche cars have risen dramatically over the past 4 years. This is because Porsche is one of the most recognizable brand names in the sports car market. Ever since their early development, Porsches have been favorited by the wealthy and celebrities, since they are expensive luxury cars that only a few can afford.

No matter the reasoning behind why Porsche has gained in value, people have paid millions of dollars to have one of these rare cars in their possessions. We’ll show the most valuable and rare Porsches that are currently available.

Porsche 917K Road Car

Price: $2 million

  • Top Speed: 197 MPH
  • Torque: 415 LB FT – 6,400 RPM
  • 0-60: 3 seconds
  • Coupe Body Style
  • Power: 550 bhp – 7,500 RPM

The Porsche 917K Road Car has gained its reputation due to winning 24-hour endurance races. It was invented in response to a change in safety rules that were required for all racing cars. The “K” means short-tail which is German for “Kurzheck”. Mainly, it’s closely related to BMW’s German heritage.

While its racing version has a sweep up tail, its road version was made for daily commute and casual on-road driving. Although there are considerable differences between the race and road version, they both contain a 5.0 V12 Engine.

The modern version of the Porsche 917K weighs in 2.100 lbs which is lighter than competing super car models. It has an average horsepower speed of 550 that goes at 7,500 RPM. Its top speed is at 198 mph which is faster than Ferrari’s competing car that only went at 173 mph.

Thus, the Porsche 917K is one of the most iconic vehicles ever to hit the racing circuit. Throughout its short career, it dominated sports car racing. Buy this car if you want a rare Porsche vehicle whose performance matches its aesthetics.

Porsche 935 1979

Price: $4.8 million

  • Max Speed: 217 MPH
  • Bosch Fuel Injection
  • 4 Speed Manual
  • Unitary Steel Chasis
  • Power: 750 BHP at 8,200 RPM

Up next, the Porsche 935 1979 is regarded as the best endurance racing vehicle during its era. For instance, during the Le Mans event in 1979, it was ranked 2nd overall and 1st in its class. Popular movie star and driver Paul Newman used this vehicle and would use it to win multiple championship races.

As time progressed, the Porsche 935 has won more races. It came in first on the Daytona 24hrs racing event (used by Bob Garretson, Brian Redman, Bobby Rahal). Also, it came in first during the 1983 Sebring event.

When it comes to performance, the 935 has a large Turbocharger that was placed behind the engine. This allowed for the car to drive at a max speed of 217 MPH. As a result, the car was able to surpass its rivals when racing on rough terrain.

Now, the car is sold at $4.8 million due to being restored in 2007 by Paul Wilson. In fact, the Porsche 935 had won “best in its class” on the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in 2007. Because of its long history and value, the Porsche 935 is a desired vehicle for serious car aficionados.

2010 Porsche Spyder Concept

Price: $3 million

  • Electric Range: 12 miles
  • Range: 420 miles
  • V8 Engine + Dual Electric Motors on both axles
  • 500 BHP
  • Naturally Aspirated

Third on our list is the 2010 Porsche Spyder Concept, the car releases 70g of CO2 per kilometer and has an output of 218bhp. It’s a two-seater that mixes the power of a super-sports car and the efficiency of a small concept vehicle.

Its V8 consumption is powered by its 3.4-liter power unit. Additionally, it has a positioned midship placed on the front of the car’s rear axle. This gives the car a superior level of balance making it a great choice for racetrack driving.

There is a button on the steering wheel that allows you to switch between four driving modes:

  1. E Drive: This mode is used for when you want the vehicle to run on electric power alone. (16 miles max).
  2. Hybrid Mode: The Hybrid mode uses a combustion engine and electric motors to offer a range of intense power and fuel-efficient driving.
  3. Sport Hybrid: Uses both the electric/combustion motors but is more tuned for performance. The rear wheels receive the drive power, and its Torque Vectoring is proven to increase your driving dynamics.
  4. Race Mode: Focused on complete performance, the race mode is for the dedicated Indy Driver. It features an E-boost button that helps when overtaking by providing additional electric power.

Overall, this car is effective on almost any terrain. It gives you the ability to switch its modes to suit your driving style and preferred speed. Buy this if you want a reliable, yet fast car that looks good on a car show while still going fast on a highway.

2006 Porsche Rinspeed zaZen

Price: $2 million

  • 335 BHP – 6,600 RPM
  • 6 Speed Manual Gear
  • 0-60 Acceleration: 4.3 seconds
  • Rack-and-pinion steering
  • ABS Brakes included

The Porsche Rinspeed zaZen is viewed as a futuristic car due to its innovative design, transparent polycarbonate hardtop. It also has a diamond-cut glass for its brake lights which gives it a special, intricate, and beautiful appearance.

With a rev rating of 6,600 RPM, the car has a maximum speed of 182 MPH. With its acceleration, it can go from 0-60 within 4.3 seconds. Users like this car due to its natural gas propulsion mechanism which makes it safe for the environment.

The car weighs 3295 lbs and has a 6 cylinder engine. It has a max torque rating of 295 lbs/ft. This torque energy is transferred to the car’s rear axle via a 6 speed transmission. The body of the car is designed with a 4x adjustable chassis so that drivers can customize the seating according to their height.

Why buy this vehicle? Because of its high speed, quick transmission, and top of the line suspension. The 2006 Porsche ZaZen is the recommended option if you are seeking a car that can drive on wet roads while still having that luxury car appearance.


Each of these cars is known for their high-quality engineering, aesthetic value, and overall driving performance. No matter which one you buy, you’ll have one of Porsche’s best vehicles that are tailored to enhance your experience once you get behind the wheel.

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