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[Infographic] OEM Glass vs. Aftermarket Glass: Everything You Need To Know

Admit it. Your car’s windshield is something that you think very little of until you get into an accident and realize that it’s actually a vital part of any vehicle.

The windshield does more than just provide clear sight or visibility; it also protects you from flying debris, wind, and severe weather. It likewise contributes to your car’s structural integrity and plays an integral role in safe airbag deployment. The windshield is just as important as your seatbelt.

Since windshields are often used but neglected, they tend to pop out or loosen up easily. If you see a crack, even just a small one, on your windshield, you need to replace it right away. You have two options when choosing a replacement windshield glass: OEM windshield and aftermarket glass.

While these two auto glass types may help solve your windshield problems, you need to study each option. You have to weigh each type’s advantages and disadvantages to determine which one is best for your vehicle.

If you are not yet familiar with OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer glass and aftermarket glass, check out this infographic that clearly illustrates the characteristics of each windshield replacement glass type.

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