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Winning Quantum IPL betting secrets – how to bet on simulated cricket games in Parimatch

Indian Premier League is the most prestigious competition in PRO cricket so for the IPL matches Parimatch always offers some really wide betting lines, high odds, and special bonuses. The same advantages are also available for its simulated reality version that can be founded via the sportsbook website too. One more great option for profitable betting via https://parimatch.in/en/page/cricket-quantum-ipl-2022 is Quantum IPL 2022 which has the same rules as the traditional cricket league matches, but with some more interesting odds. Main difference if such events are that all of them were developed with a special algorithm and with integrated statistics. In Quantum IPL all the cricket fans will see their favorite teams and players.

Quantum teams and main rules – read before to make your first Quantum IPL bets

Because of the high popularity of the Quantum IPL in Parimatch, all the registered clients will find some great choices of the main and additional markets. Bettors could bet on these matches in prematch and LIVE, selecting the best odds. One of the simplest markets to predict is the winner of the match, so for newbies, it can be the right decision to start from this bet. Also, bettors with minimum experience could bet on the best batsman and best bowler, but for that, they will need to analyze the results of the last few matches of the team. It should be noted that in Quantum IPL 8 teams will take part:

  • Delhi Legends
  • Mumbai Legends
  • Chennai Legends
  • Hyderabad Legends
  • Punjab Legends
  • Rajasthan Legends
  • Kolkata Legends
  • Bangalore Legends

To understand the real chances for winning of each team you will need to learn information about their last match’s results. In simulated reality cricket, there is no need to learn if there are any injured players, so to prepare the forecast you will need much less time. 

Quantum IPL betting tips – more important information for the profitable betting

For all the LIVE cricket betting fans it will be a great surprise to know that this format of bets is also available for the Quantum IPL. To find the best odds there you will need to wait until the selected match will begin and learn the betting line on the page of this event. Also for all the registered clients of Parimatch via the official website, there are available broadcasts, so you could bet with profitable odds and watch the game at the same time and on the same page. 

As you know in Quantum IPL all the players were made based on real people from the TOP-rated teams. Also because of innovative technologies, bettors and regular cricket fans will get the same or even more immersive experience with all the noises and unexpected results. One more great advantage that will get the bettor if he would chose the simulated reality events for betting is the short duration of the matches (about 3-4 minutes), with the everyday matches and title drawing. So you will have even more chances of winning bets.

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