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How to Take Care of Your Porsche Rims

Does your Porsche sport a set of eye-catching chrome rims? For sure, you are proud to flaunt them every time you speed along the highway. You would want to make them stay in pristine condition all the time. The key to keeping your Porsche rims looking like new is to clean it regularly.

Dirt, mud, brake dust, and road debris always make their way to the vehicle rims. Moisture trapped within the rims makes it all the more vulnerable to corrosion. This is especially true for trucks. Rims need special attention when you do regular maintenance.

Rim cleaning steps

It is ideal to clean your rims every week. That way, you can keep these rims looking hot and shiny at all times.

  1. Wash the tires. Because so much dirt goes to the rims, it is better to clean them last.
  2. Spray a degreaser onto the rims to loosen the accumulated dirt on the rims’ nuts and bolts.Focus on parts where a great amount of grease and dirt resides.
  3. Wipe the degreaser away. Do not allow the degreaser to stay too long on the rims. Otherwise, the rims may get discolored and damaged.
  4. Wash away the debris from the rims by spraying water from a hose.
  5. Dry the rims by wiping them with a clean rug. Make sure that no dirt remains on the rims.
  6. Using a rim cleaner,polish the rims gently.

Rim cleaning tips

When cleaning, you must avoid using bleach and other harsh household detergents. Of course, you would not want your rims to be damaged by harmful chemicals. Water and a mild detergent will do. You can also buy chrome cleaner from a car parts shop. Just be careful with using the chrome cleaner. Some cleaners have acid or lye that can ruin the chrome rim’s look.

Also, be careful when cleaning your rims especially when they are cool. As you know, driving makes wheels hot. When you use cold water to wash the rims and wheels, the chrome’s finish may soon give in to chipping and flaking. That would cost you another chrome-plating job for your rims.

Aside from regular cleaning, your rims will benefit a lot from regular inspection. Check your rims, as well as the lockring and flanges, for any damage. You should also check if the rim has splits, tears, or cracks. Early detection of rim damage can help you save on repair or replacement costs.

Here is another important tip in maintaining your rims: drive very carefully to steer clear of any situation that causes damage to the rims. Taking the corners too close can lead to scratches and dents on your rims.

Hitting potholes on the road can also lead to premature rim damage. During winter, make sure that road salt does not touch your wheels and rims to prevent the salt from ruining the chrome finish.

Also, try to avoid accidents as much as you can (Of course, who would want the resulting damage from vehicle collisions?) Accidents can add to your repair bills, so always make sure you’re safe while cruising the road.

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