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GPS Devices and Accessories Buying Guide for Your Porsche

With the wide variety of GPS devices and accessories on the market today, it is very easy to purchase one for your vehicle. But you might end up regretting your purchase if you don’t know the features that you need from such car tech products for your Porsche.

Things to consider when buying GPS devices

Before you shop for a GPS unit, you have to consider several things. The first and most important consideration is the frequency and distance of your travel. If you usually take short trips, drive the same route, and rarely need directions, then buy a GPS unit that costs only about $100 to $250. However, if you use your vehicle regularly for business or sales trips and you often have complicated travel routes, then buy the best GPS device that you can afford.

Another consideration you have to think about is where you are going to install the GPS unit. Most vehicle GPS kits come with a mounting bracket with a suction base that adheres to the windshield or on a flat surface on your dashboard. However, in some states like California, windshield mounts are prohibited. Also, not all dashboards have flat surfaces, so it may be hard for suction-cup mounts to stick to your dash. Instead, look for GPS devices that come with a flat disc that can stick to the dash and allows the suction cup to adhere.

Finally, you need to know how important frequent map updates are to your driving. If you often need to go from one place to another on time, consider GPS Automotive Devices with mapping data that can update as often as possible.

GPS accessories shopping guide

Most in-vehicle navigation systems have practically everything to get you going in just a matter of minutes. But GPS accessories have also become widely available, making vehicle navigation so much easier than before. The wide range of accessories include carry cases to secure and protect the GPS unit when it is not in use, as well as support antennas mounted at the base of the windshield.

Many GPS manufacturers include in their products basic GPS accessories such as car chargers and car mounts. However, you may opt to add more accessories to enhance the functionality of your GPS device.

Here are some suggestions on the different useful accessories that are available.

  • On the market today, you can find GPS accessories such as antennas, carrying cases, battery chargers, cables, maps, and memory. It is best to make external antennas the priority in your GPS accessories shopping list because they can improve your GPS unit’s signal reception.
  • Make sure to get a waterproof external antenna if you are going to mount it outside your car.
  • When it comes to battery chargers, you can buy cables to power up the GPS receiver batteries from your car’s batteries.
  • For long and off-road trips, you may need an additional battery. GPS cables are also important GPS accessories because they connect your GPS device to a computer’s USB port and aid in charging your GPS.
  • Finally, you may need to buy an additional memory for your GPS device so that it can store bigger maps.

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