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Galina Becker Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth and Much More

Galina Becker, a name that may not be immediately recognizable to everyone, has captured the hearts of many through her remarkable journey. She is famous for her association with the renowned professional wrestler Roman Reigns. From her early days as a talented college athlete to her supportive partner and dedicated mother role, Galina has navigated the challenges of fame and maintained her privacy. In today’s article, we will know about Galina Becker.

Name Galina Becker
Birth Date 11 March 1987
Age 36 Years Old
Birth Sign Pisces
Nationality United States
Ethnicity Black
Known For Marrying Roman Reigns
Hair Colour Black
Height 5 Ft 8 Inch
Weight 60 Kg
Eyes Colour Black
Shoe Size 9 (US)
Net Worth 2 Million Dollars
Marital Status Married

Galina Becker: Early Life

Galina Becker’s journey began in Jacksonville, Florida, where she was born and raised. Galina Becker, known by her birth name Galina Joelle Becker, hails from the vibrant city of Jacksonville. She displayed a remarkable passion for sports and athleticism from a young age. As she grew older, her talents became more apparent, and she enthusiastically embraced the track and field world.

Galina is the youngest child in her loving family, with proud parents Mildred Becker and Kevin Becker. Her journey is enriched by the presence of two remarkable older sisters, Molisa Cooper, and Undine Becker, who have undoubtedly played influential roles in shaping her path.

On the contrary, her older sister, Undine, profoundly impacted her life, particularly in sports. Undine’s athletic pursuits served as a catalyst, igniting Galina’s interest in track and field during her formative school years.

The Becker sisters, including Galina, were raised in the vibrant city of San Francisco, California, under the nurturing guidance of their parents. Being an American citizen, she proudly identifies with her African-American heritage.


At Mt. Pleasant High School, she thrived as a budding athlete, showcasing her talent in challenging hurdles and high jump disciplines. Her dedication and skill propelled her to stand out among her peers and set the stage for her future athletic endeavors.

For higher education, he joined the esteemed Georgia Institute of Technology. There, she pursued a degree in management, acquiring valuable knowledge and skills to navigate the corporate world. Remarkably, she continued to balance her academic pursuits with her passion for athletics, remaining an active participant in college sports.

While her athletic achievements were undoubtedly impressive, she also prioritized her education. She pursued a degree in management, demonstrating her commitment to balancing her passion for sports with her academic pursuits. Her time at Georgia Tech honed her physical abilities and provided her with the knowledge and skills to excel in future endeavors.


With her management degree, she ventured into the professional world, seeking opportunities to apply her skills and make a meaningful impact.

Her analytical mindset and attention to detail made her well-suited for a career in accounting. She embraced the field’s challenges, immersing herself in financial analysis, budgeting, and other accounting responsibilities. Her dedication and proficiency quickly earned her recognition and respect among her colleagues.

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While she excelled in her professional endeavors, her life changed significantly. She met Roman Reigns during college, who would later become her husband. As Roman pursued a career in professional wrestling, she supported him wholeheartedly, offering encouragement and being a steadfast presence in his life.

Her role as a supportive partner and mother became a significant aspect of her career, even if not in the traditional sense. She gracefully embraced her position as the backbone of the family, providing stability and nurturing their growing children. Despite her husband’s fame and the attention that came with it, she remained steadfastly private, prioritizing her family’s well-being and maintaining a sense of normalcy.

Galina Becker Personal Life:

While Galina Becker may have gained attention for her association with Roman Reigns, her personal life extends beyond her husband’s fame. Her role defines her journey as a devoted mother and a pillar of strength for her family.

Galina and Roman Reigns’ love story began at college, where they developed a deep connection. Their relationship blossomed, leading to their marriage on December 6, 2014. Together, they have embraced the joys and challenges of building a family.

They are proud parents to three children. Their commitment to creating a loving and nurturing environment for their kids is evident in their interactions and their priority on family values. Despite the demands of their respective careers, they strive to maintain a strong family bond, cherishing quality time together.

While she maintains a private and low-key presence in the public eye, she occasionally accompanies Roman to special events, adding a touch of elegance to the red carpet. However, Galina values her privacy and intentionally keeps a distance from the spotlight, focusing on raising her children and maintaining a sense of normalcy in their lives.

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Beyond her family life, she finds fulfillment in her interests and hobbies. While details about her pursuits may be limited due to her desire for privacy, she is a woman of many talents.

Her love for her husband and children shines through in her actions, showcasing her dedication to creating a harmonious and loving home.

Physical Appearance:

Even in her 30s, she radiates timeless beauty that captivates all who encounter her. Her mesmerizing brown eyes accentuate her sun-kissed complexion. She harmoniously complements her long, lustrous dark curls, adding an extra layer of allure to her stunning appearance. It’s hard to believe that Galina, a mother of three, maintains such a graceful and curvaceous physique, leaving us in awe. Her height of 5 ft 8 inches (173 cm) and weighing approximately 60 kg (132 lbs), this African-American beauty exudes confidence and poise in every stride.

Net Worth:

Galina Becker’s net worth is not publicly available. However, it is assumed to be around 2 million dollars. She focuses on supporting her husband, Roman Reigns, in his wrestling career and prioritizing her family life. It is worth noting that Roman Reigns, as a successful professional wrestler, has achieved significant financial success. However, the details regarding her net worth remain undisclosed. Roman Reigns, on the other side, has an approximate net worth of 15 million dollars. He is a current WWE universal champion and world champion. Roman makes around 5 million dollars yearly.


Q: What is Galina Becker’s profession?

A: Galina’s profession is not publicly disclosed. However, she transitioned from being a college athlete to a career in accounting.

Q: How did Galina meet Roman Reigns?

A: Galina and Roman Reigns met at the Georgia Institute of Technology during college. They developed a connection and eventually got married in 2014.

Q: Do they have any children?

A: Yes, Galina and Roman Reigns have three children together. However, their specific details and identities are generally kept private to maintain their family’s privacy.

Q: What is Galina’s net worth?

A: Galina Becker’s net worth is not publicly available. As a private individual, detailed information about her financial status and earnings remains undisclosed.

Q: Does Galina Becker participate in the wrestling business?

A: No, Galina Becker is not directly involved in wrestling. She primarily focuses on her family life and supports her husband, Roman Reigns, in his wrestling career in a supportive role.


In conclusion, Galina Becker’s remarkable journey encompasses the multifaceted roles she has embraced. From her early days as a talented college athlete to her transition into a supportive partner and devoted mother, Galina has exemplified strength, grace, and unwavering dedication. While her connection to Roman Reigns may have brought her into the public eye, Galina has managed to maintain her privacy and prioritize her family above all else. Her story inspires, showcasing the power of perseverance, balance, and maintaining a strong sense of self amid fame.

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