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7 Easy Ways to Fix Your Windshield Using a Repair Kit

Thinking about replacing your damaged windshield? Before buying a new windshield, you may consider fixing the damage on your own with the help of a Porsche app or your owner’s manual. Most cracks and chips caused by stones, branches, and other road elements hitting your windshield penetrate only its external layer. And these cracks can still be removed with a windshield repair kit that uses a special resin to fix the cracks. In doing so, you can save hundreds of dollars that you can use for other important expenses.

Once you have purchased a kit for repairing your windshield, you can try fixing cracks on an old car before you perform it on your own car. Here are the steps on windshield repair using your newly purchased kit.

  1. Make sure the crack is clean and dry before you fix it. An alcohol and a soft rag can easily do the trick.
  2. Drill a 1/32-bit hole into the crack. You have to do this because the crack may not be deep enough for the resin of the windshield repair kit to enter. Be careful not to drill too deeply because it may cause more damage to your windshield. The hole should not go beyond half of the thickness of the auto glass.
  3. Pull together the bridge on the repair kit. Screw the suction cup to its bottom. Also, screw the injector in the center hole, making sure that it sticks out by about 1/8 inch. Then press in the O-ring grommet, which is also called the injector tip.
  4. Line up the injector bridge directly over the center hole of the crack of your windshield. To determine the hole, look closely into the middle of the injector. Avoid pressing the injector bridge too hard because it might cause more damage to your windshield. Also, make sure that there’s a snug fitting between the windshield’s surface and the O-ring.
  5. Get the liquid resin included in your windshield repair kit and put 10 drops of it into the injector. Gently screw the second injector into the first injector. This will force the resin into the crack.
  6. The drill hole or the original crack may leave a small pit on the windshield. Fill the pit with a clear nail polish and let it dry. Afterwards, the annoying short crack that picks up sunlight glare will be gone! That’s possible with the help of a trusty windshield repair kit.
  7. For long cracks, drill a small hole at the middle and each end of the crack. The holes you drill at both ends of the crack will keep the damage from growing bigger. Make sure that the holes do not go more than half the thickness of the auto glass.

So there you have it! In just a few hours, you can remove all those unsightly cracks and chips on your windshield. More importantly, you save money from hiring a professional to fix the damage or buying a windshield replacement. All you need are willingness for a do-it-yourself repair and, of course, a good windshield repair kit.

Infographic by: tpglassworks.com

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